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The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Licia Brooks

I’m California-native who believes in a flexible and pragmatic approach to therapy. I have twenty years of experience as a clinical psychologist and trained psychoanalyst creating real change with a straightforward, no-nonsense style.


Marriage has Changed

Marriages used to be about companionship. The new couple is expected to be sexually, romantically, intellectually and above all, emotionally engaged. It’s no wonder so many feel deceived from this idyllic promise.


Navigating modern life full of non-stop responsibilities leaves us with almost no time for real connection and enjoyment with our partner. Seventy percent of all couples around the world report that after having babies the quality of their relationship is  dramatically diminished and the level of conflict increases.


Children or not, even the best of couples can fall into self-destructive patterns involving power struggles, getting stuck on being right, getting drunk on indignation or the opposite: feeling wronged, depleted or with a sense of injustice within real or implicit agreements. We can all fall into the temptation to control our partner and even feel entitled to unfiltered self-expression (‘the need to vent’).  Feeling wronged can lead to retaliation without guilt, which usually provokes a vicious circle. Sometimes fear or dread of conflict, a sense of mistrust, vulnerability or just plain fatigue of ongoing problems can cause  serious withdrawal.


There are Answers

My practice provides specific and time-tested techniques to help spouses overcome these issues as well as abusive situations.

I’ve trained with Dr. Terrence Real and Dr. Esther Perrel in New York City and draw on their Relational Life Therapy approach to bring common-ground solutions and renewed vitality into relationships. I’m the only Gottman-certified Bringing Baby Home counselor in Latin America.


I can Help

I’ve helped expat and local families, intercultural and LBGTQ couples and many others out of my office at Grupo Médico Lomas right next to Polanco.


Don’t let conflict or withdrawl get too far. Be the guardian of your relationship and reach out for help. Let's work together before you feel too hurt or to disconnected to care. Call me and let's talk.

Twenty years helping expat, local and intercultural couples, LBGT couples and many others out of my office at Grupo Médico Lomas next to Polanco.

I have a Clinical Psychology degree from the Universidad de Las Americas and a six-year Masters Degree in Psychoanalysis from the Sociedad Psicoanalítica de México. In later years I expanded into other psychological perspectives by going into training with Dr. Terence Real and Dr. Esther Perrel in New York City. Their insights and techniques on couples therapy and relational life have become an integral part of my practice. After years of listening to many individual clients talk about their issues with relationships, the decision to expand my therapeutic range with this training was an obvious next step.

Further training at the Gottman Institute through their Bringing Baby Home certification has added significant depth to my work with couples.

Over the last few years I’ve addressed different groups, such as the Women’s Weekend CDMX, on subjects ranging from the impact babies have on marriage to the challenges of balancing work and family for modern women.

In my twenty years of experience I’ve helped expat and local families and individuals, intercultural couples, LBGTQ individuals and families and many others out of my office at Grupo Médico Lomas.

I'm also a contributor to HuffPost Mexico, where I write about psychology, executive performance and popular culture.

I live in Polanco with my family and summer with my kids in my hometown of Bishop, California.

I’ve seen US and Canada-based patients via Facetime/Skype for over a decade. I treat my Facetime sessions the same way I do face-to-face sessions because we’ve achieved the same kind of breakthroughs in both kinds of settings. The seamlessness of connectivity via smart-phones and computers at this point allow for great voice and image quality, further enhancing the value of  the remote experience.

I process payments via PayPal and charge the standard rates of my Mexico City practice.

I charge hourly fees for 45 minute sessions and higher fees for 90 minute couples therapy with both partners. I have a reduced rate based on need and income, and reserve a number of slots for sliding scale patients. I accept remote patients via Facetime-Skype at the standard rates of my Mexico City practice.

Mtra. Licia Brooks

Grupo Médico Lomas, Teapa #4, Lomas de Vireyes, Mexico City, Mexico. +52 1​ 55-5540-7205.

Call or write me directly at ​+52 1​ 55-5456​-7963​ or

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